Seniors Play an Important role in MLK's Rememberance

By StiltzLIfts

Martin Luther King Day is often particularly important to seniors, and many wonder what role they can play and what they can do to pay tribute to Dr King.

Most seniors remember well the fight for equality and justice that occurred during civil rights movement in the 1960s, led by Martin Luther King. Despite there being dedicated curriculum in schools to teach children about the civil rights movement in, it’s only the older generation of American citizens who can remember what it actually felt like to live during the time of racial segregation.

This means seniors have an important role to play in the modern day fight for equality in educating and influencing younger generations. Having lived through the eras of injustice of racial discrimination, seniors can use this first-hand knowledge to help to educate younger people by sharing their experiences and personal history.

Often schools will put a call out to older people who have experience of what life was like before the Civil Rights Act came in, to come and talk in classes and workshops. This is an opportunity to sign up and use your valuable knowledge and experience to make a difference.

Those who enjoyed a day with their loved ones whilst not at school or work, when gathering the family together might use it as a chance to share their collective experiences and thoughts on what has changed and what still needs to be done to make Martin Luther King’s dream a true reality.

Inspiring the children and adolescents of today’s America ensures that the civil rights movement lives on and racial injustice in modern day America will one day be abolished once and for all. So, speak to your children, speak to your grandchildren, tell your stories and experiences of the struggle for social justice in America.

Remember that Martin Luther King Day is a day to reflect on the progress that’s already been made, and the progress that is currently in the works. It’s vital to remember his legacy and continue his fight, which every American has a role to play in.